The minute I step inside Westwood, I am eager to learn. - Aminur

Literacy is the best - like diving head first into a great adventure!. - Mizanur

All the teachers help me to improve my work, to be the best that I can be. - Imran

I love the choice of books in our library. - Ibrahim

Teachers make lessons exciting and fun, which boosts my learning and understanding. - Mumina

Science is my favourite subject, because we use special equipment when we are conducting our experiments. - Abida

We get to go on exciting and fun trips. - Laya

In Religious Education I enjoy finding out about the different religions around the world. - Tanjila

After school clubs are fun and competitive. - Nabir

I get lots of inspirational ideas from working together as a team. - Yasmin

I love coming to school, we always have lots of fun. - Jamiul

Our Attainment

Key Stage 2 progress

Key Stage 2 progress was well above the national average in Reading, Writing and Maths in 2017. 

Key Stage 2 progress was well above the national average in Writing and Maths in 2016 and above average in Reading in 2016. 


Key Stage 2 attainment 2017

90% of our children achieved the national expectation (or better) in Reading, Writing and Maths vs the provisional national average of 61% (July, 2017). 

Reading Writing Maths SPaG
Westwood Academy Expected or better 90% 93% 93% 97%
Westwood Academy Greater depth/high score 28% 31% 55% 76%
National average at Expected or better 71% 76% 75% 72%
Westwood Academy average scaled score 107 111 114
National average scaled score 104 104 106



Key Stage 1 attainment- National Curriculum Assessment Results



2017 results




Greater depth


Expected or above





Greater depth


Expected or above





Greater depth


Expected or above





Greater depth


Expected or above




Year 1 Phonics screening assessment results

2015  2016  2017  National average 2016
83  83  79  81



Westwood Academy attainment at the end of EYFS (% of pupils achieving the Early Learning Goal)

2015   2016 2017  National average 2016
 37 59  55  69


You can also see how we are doing compared to other schools in the country on the Department for Education website.

To see the DfE performance tables please follow the link below. Please note that 2015 data refers to the attainment achieved by Westwood Academy pupils. postcode=ol96bh&distance=1&phase=all&searchType=postcode

To visit the DfE website please click on this link.


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