The minute I step inside Westwood, I am eager to learn. - Aminur

Literacy is the best - like diving head first into a great adventure!. - Mizanur

All the teachers help me to improve my work, to be the best that I can be. - Imran

I love the choice of books in our library. - Ibrahim

Teachers make lessons exciting and fun, which boosts my learning and understanding. - Mumina

Science is my favourite subject, because we use special equipment when we are conducting our experiments. - Abida

We get to go on exciting and fun trips. - Laya

In Religious Education I enjoy finding out about the different religions around the world. - Tanjila

After school clubs are fun and competitive. - Nabir

I get lots of inspirational ideas from working together as a team. - Yasmin

I love coming to school, we always have lots of fun. - Jamiul

School Council


Our School Council is a group of pupils who help to give our pupils in decision making processes in school.


The School Council is made up of representatives from each Key Stage 2 class. The School Council are elected by their classmates and will consult their peers about how the school can be improved.


The School Council representatives elected for this year are:

Year 6 -

Year 5 -

Year 4 - 

Year 3 -

Every child has a School Council badge and a special notepad and pen which they use to make notes for meetings.



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